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November 15, 2017

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November 14, 2017

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November 13, 2017

I love all three of these kitties. Momma cat Scaredy Cat grooving in the middle of her two beautiful kittens

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I thought I’d throw out a general question to run by the great minds that are my Facebook friends. It’s a very simple but revealing question. And I want a yes-or-no answer from all of you.



I’m Pete Best all the way!!!


Which singer of the Fab Four are you most like?

Ever wonder which member of The Beatles you are most like?

I liked a lot of Green Day’s music. So much of Punk Rock music was boring and generic to me. Green Day was a cut above as songwriters adding the Beatlesque pop melodies to the mix. And the lead singer had that cute high school- looking rock star look down pat.

But “revolution” radio?? I just wonder what, if anything, is revolutionary about their latest record.

Have you heard our new album ‘Revolution Radio’? Get it on iTunes here.

Ft. “Bang Bang” and “Still Breathing”

Scaredy Cat’s adorable little kitten Mini Scaredy.

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I’m a pretty introspective person. And I’ve sort of been relentlessly studying myself for nearly 60 years now. In fact, if I was really pressed on it, I’d probably opine that the main point of human existence is to study ourselves and our lives. So I know myself pretty good

But that said, I still have these mysterious compartments in my brain. These parts that I can’t see, that are blocked out from my view. My “blind sides,” as it were.

I’ll give you an example. My wallet.

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 Today’s reading material. A Sean Penn bio.

I was mostly curious about his friendship with Charles Bukowski. They seemed like such an unlikely pair. But they really hit it off and genuinely liked and respected each other.

It’s a little easier to understand Bukowski’s friendship with somebody like Harry Dean Stanton.

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“There’s birdies up in them trees!”

For years I’ve been seeing all the statistics attesting to feral cats as ruthless bird-killers. All I can say is: I’ve never seen it with my own eyes. In the 9 years I’ve been hanging out with feral cats I’ve only seen them catch a bird once (and it’s not for lack of trying). And there’s always been plenty of birds around my campsite.

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Mini Scaredy. Hard to believe she’s already 4 months old.

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November 12, 2017

One other thing I’ve learned from this election cycle:

Whenever anybody disagrees with me on a political issue. The go-to insult is:

“That Ace Backwords. That alcoholic. His mind has been deranged by the ocean of Olde English malt liquor that he’s consumed.”

And it’s hard to argue with that.

Especially considering the sharpness of all the minds of my detractors.


I don’t know if it’s because I’m an alcoholic who wakes up in the morning with hangovers. Or if I just have bad karma.

But some mornings I just wake up pleading.


I’m not kidding.


In Greek mythology the beautiful Cassandra was cursed by the Gods. She was given the ability to foresee the future. But the curse was that nobody would believe her.

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was one of the princesses of Troy, daughter of Priam and Hecuba. According to the Myth, Cassandra was blessed with the gift of

That’s wonderful. That this dimwit George Bush is painting portraits of the hundreds of thousands of wounded, maimed or killed veterans that he sent off to fight and die in that COMPLETELY pointless war in Iraq. What an “honor.”

And note. The draft-dodger George Bush — who didn’t want any part of the Vietnam war — still has all of HIS limbs.

Former President George Bush honored injured soldiers by painting one of the 98 portraits of wounded warriors he’s gotten to know over the years.
“I think about them on #VeteransDay and every day,” he wrote on Instagram. http://nbcbay.com/tYkJkAe

Neil Young turns 71 today.

© 2012 WMG

The Mona Lucy

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McCartney had that knack for throwing in those weird chords and making them totally work.

“Penny Lane” is a highlight among highlights in the Beatles’ songbook. Here’s one reason why…

“Penny Lane” is full of inventive twists, starting with this. See how Sir Paul wove it together so seamlessly.
 The Joys of Alcoholism, chapter 947
I had another one of “those nights” last night It was well after midnight so I headed to the campus to get the cans of cat food I got stashed in the bushes before I headed up to …

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November 11, 2017
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Sad ole’ Ace. Poor baby.

I didn’t like Obama and Clinton.

I also didn’t like Bush and Reagan.

But this is a beautiful photograph. By Annie Leibowitz.

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Back in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected, the Democrats controlled the Senate, the House, and had a majority of the Governors, as well as a Democratic President.

Eight years later that’s been completely reversed. The Republicans now control the Senate (51-48), the House (247-188), have the majority of Governors (31-19), and a Republican President, and will soon have the majority in the Supreme Court, also.

One thing’s for sure. Two years from now the Republicans are going to have no excuses. The direction this country goes is gonna be on them.


One of my favorite TV shows when I was 10 years old back in 1967. In fact my first “published” work was The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Newsletter that I hand-lettered and drew. I think I had a circulation of 3 copies.

A very underrated actor. He played some great roles in some great movies, including “The Magnificent Seven” and more.

Robert Vaughn, whose Napoleon Solo on NBC’s spy yarn The Man From Uncle set TV’s 1960s standard for suavity and crimebusting cool, died today after a…

One last odd note — regarding the oddest election of my lifetime. It turned out Hillary spent $400 million. More than twice what Trump spent at $189 million.

These candidates can be legally voted for in states representing a majority of the Electoral College, but have not yet appointed enough electors to win:Rocky De La Fuente (Reform Party)Laurence Kotlikoff…

My cat Lucy, made it to the ripe old age of eighteen before succumbing to a series of health problems in 2010. I still miss her. 😦

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Moo Cat is still banished from my campsite. But Scaredy Cat — the leader of the pack — let’s her come halfway up the trail. Close enough for me to throw her a bunch of hot dogs for her breakfast.

Scaredy Cat is a benevolent dictator.

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Nobody knows what it’s like. . .

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Bands I always loved:

Sex Pistols
Chrissie Hynde

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November 9, 2017

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November 9, 2017

American youth mobilize across the nation to protest against Ace Backwords’ lack of decorum on his recent Facebook posts. “HE’S NOT OUR ACE BACKWORDS!!” they chanted defiantly.

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Well. I’m glad THAT’S over.

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If I had to single out one reason for the rise of Trump, it would probably be this. The majority of Americans want to severely reduce our level of immigration. And yet the mainstream politicians from BOTH parties continually advocate the opposite: severely RAISING our level of immigration.

A new survey conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) shows that the majority of Americans want the number of immigrants coming into the country cut…

So. What do you guys think about the up-coming 2018 Senate races?


Now that the election is finally over I can get back to more important things, like my love of sports.


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And in other news: California legalized weed, allowed porn stars to go condom-free, voted to speed up the death penalty cases (5 year limit to the appeals) and added a $2 tax to every pack of cigarettes (the bastards!!).

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We won’t get fooled again.

I remember this one time when I failed the Gullibility Test. I was 19 and I was so naïve and stupid back then, I actually believed what people told me. Sheesh! So anyways, at the time I w…
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Scaredy Cat and her beautiful feral kitten don’t care a whit about the 2016 presidential race


So when will Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Cher, Barbara Streisand, George Lopez, Al Sharpton and Jon Stewart be leaving the country, and what countries will they be moving to?

I’ll tell you one thing. I’m never gonna waste another second of my life looking at Nate Silver’s polls and predictions.


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 There are some bands that I really like. Then there are some bands that I really hate. Then there are the middle of the road bands like Hall and Oates. Theyre not bad enough to make you want to change the channel when they come on the radio. But theyre not good enough to break your heart or make you feel much of anything.

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November 8, 2017

Well. It’s gonna be an interesting TV reality show for the next 4 years .

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Horray horray. But these are things often turn out to be pyrrhic victories. “You win the battle but you lose the war.”

So don’t get all excited by the outcome.


Clinton just called Trump to concede the election.


My only explanation is that the American people found Hillary Clinton boring and they felt Donald Trump would be a more entertaining TV show to watch for the next 4 years.


What’s REALLY weird about this election.

Hillary had all the money on her side. She probably had 2 or 3 times as much money as Trump in campaign contributions ( I’d be curious to find out exactly how much Hillary out-spent Trump though I can guarantee you it was a LOT of money).

And Hillary had all the media endorsements.

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The only last bit of drama is Trump’s acceptance speech and Hillary’s concession speech

Then we can all go to bed and deal with the ramifications tomorrow.

I know it’s surreal. I know it’s bizarre. But guess what?

President Trump.

It’s gonna be a very strange next four years

Scaredy Cat and her beautiful feral kitten don’t care a whit about the 2016 presidential race

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But this is scary. We could very very likely end up with a Republican President and House and Senate

I’d rather that they neutralize each other.

And now all the idiot “experts” and “pundits” on the TV screen are checking in with all their keen insights as to why they were wrong about all their previous keen insights.

  8:59pm · 

Random Photos 125

November 7, 2017

I’m heavily nostalgic about people and places . This particular house. My punk rock friend Mary Mayhem lived there in the 1980s. It was like “the punk rock house on the block.” The teen punk band Kwikway (from Piedmont) used to practice in Mary Mayhem’s living room.

Neil Anderthol (another good punk rock name) spray-painted “THE GEEKS” (his band’s name) on her front porch.

I was madly in love with Mary back then. So for years Mary’s house was my cherished destination. No mat…

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Big Scaredy and Little Scaredy. They’re tight. With a special bond
Big Scaredy created Little Scaredy out of her own loins 3 months ago. So she feels a deep connection.

And Little Scaredy has spent the last 3 months feeding on Mom’s teets for survival. So she feels a deep connection.

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There’s 6 days left in the presidential race. So I’m throwing my baseball hat into the ring. As a viable 3rd dimensional party candidate.


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I’ll reiterate my position for those of you keeping score at home:

HILLARY CLINTON: Self-serving grifter and the epitome of all the greedhead pigs in Washington DC.

DONALD TRUMP. Vain-glorious narcissist unfit for presidency.

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“Aw c’mon Mom. I’m clean enough already. You don’t have to keep licking me!”

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 On this date in 2013. Checking out a Beatles cover band in a theater in Tuscon, Arizona with my little sister and her young son.
  On Saturday my little sister dragged me and my 11-year-old nephew off to see Twist and Shout, a Beatles cover band, at the Fox Theatre in Tuscon. I was curious to see how my nephew would rea…

I’m not a big baseball fan. But you can’t beat a 7th game of a World Series!

Ole Bruce was kinda’ cute back in the day.


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Bruce Springsteen’s done plenty of interviews, but none as funny as when “Weird Al” Yankovic put him in the hot seat on a 1986 episode of AL TV!


I often wonder if there’s some kind of cosmic reason for all the stuff that happens to us in this life. Or if it’s mostly just a series of random accidents. . .

I usually come down on the side that there’s a reason. Though I’m never exactly sure what that reason is.

For the longest time I’ve been on a losing streak. I keep getting jammed up. Things keep going from bad to worse. One thing after another. It’s like the gods are fuckin…

ALMOST made it.

There’s a reason why I never felt the urge to do this.

One of the weird things about “the Sixties.”

We actually thought we were gonna come up with pop songs that would transform society.

And the weird thing is. We probably did.

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I don’t wanna come across like I’m some kind of “objective observer.”

But I think Hillary Clinton is nothing but an amoral grifter who would sell this country out to the highest bidder in a split second with no recourse. If it benefitted her bank account.

And I think Donald Trump is a narcissistic egomaniac greedhead with no moral compass or judgment or fitness to be President.

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Holy shit. This is weird. I cant remember the last time an NBA team won by 50 points. And the Memphis Grizzlies are a damn good team.

I think this is soulful. If some of the other players wanna get drunk and go wild after the game, thats cool too. I dont know why people have to take sides with this stuff. Like its an either-or proposition.

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I’m a fan of Colin Kaepornik. But this is pretty funny.

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I Hate The 49ersLike Page

One of the reasons I make a point of NEVER going around sacrificing lambs in blood rituals.

The family of a man who was killed in a freeway accident performed a lamb sacrifice “to protect him from harm and evil.”

On this date two years ago: Going to see a Beatles cover band in Tuscan with my sister and my 11-year-old nephew.

On Saturday my little sister dragged me and my 11-year-old nephew off to see Twist and Shout, a Beatles cover band, at the Fox Theatre in Tuscon. I was curious to see how my nephew would rea…

Needless to say, Be Here Meow.

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Ya know. Three people were arrested. And one person ended up in the hospital. That might qualify as a couple thousand people being a little too drunk and a little too wild on Halloween night. But I dont think it qualifies as a “riot.”

Berkeley police are investigating what led up to a riot overnight that, at one point, included thousands of people.

The ideal Christmas present for that strange one on your shopping list.

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My 11 year old nephew singing Yellow Submarine (his favorite song) after the show as we walked to the car.

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Great show.

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Random Photos 129

November 7, 2017

A favorite Bukowski quote.

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“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” ~ Charles Bukowski


“Just my luck I’m out of Bat Condoms in my utility belt!”

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On this date last year: Blondie, Crier, Scaredy Cat and Fatty. Two are gone, two still remain.

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November 7, 2015 at 7:23am ·

Happy cats. Just after being fed.


I had another one of “those nights” last night

It was well after midnight so I headed to the campus to get the cans of cat food I got stashed in the bushes before I headed up to my campsite. But when I bent over to get the cat food I realized — inexplicably! — my glasses were gone!! WHERE DID THEY GO?? They’re usually sitting right there on my face attached to my nose. So it’s one of those “He’d lose his head if it wasn’t attached to his neck” levels of stupidity.

Then I …

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I always get a little depressed, a little meloncholy, at the beginning of Fall. Especially after Daylight Savings Time kicks in. Every day gets a little darker and a little shorter. Its like Death itself is creeping towards you. I can practically feel Its clammy hand on my shoulder.

Even the name — Falll — is a tip-off. You’re “taking a fall.” Going down.

All the other seasons — Summer, Winter, Spring — only have one name. But Fall has TWO. Fall and Autumn. And why is that? I think its because the whole concept of “falling” is too depressing. So they gave it a second name, a nice-sounding name, a poetic name — Autumn — to kind of sugar-coat the whole deal.

Boy, if theres one guy I’d like to see rotting in Hell its this specimen.

Hillary Transue, 14, created a fake, humorous Myspace page about her school’s vice principal. Justin Bodnar, 12, cursed at another student’s mother. Ed…

Breaking news!

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So are any of you guys going to be watching Trump on SNL tonight?

Donald Trump is making a lot of goofy noises on his quest to make America great again.
 I wonder if that’s true. . .