Random Photos 13

I’ve been lonely all my life. Even when I’m surrounded by people I’m still lonely.

I can be a fairly charming bastard (or at least I can fake it). And if I wanted to hang out with 20 “friends” I could pretty easily arrange it.

But there was just something off about me. I could never really connect with others. “We’re born alone. We live alone. And we die alone.”

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Superman spanks whoever the hell he feels like spanking!!

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World’s worst photo bomb.

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The view of Telegraph from the second floor of Mad Monks.

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Goin’ down.

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I guess I’ve been pretty lucky. When I first hit my campsite back in 2007 there were 4 feral cats that were living there. And now, nine years later, there are 6. So the cat population has remained fairly stable.

Here’s the present crew. Owl, Scaredy Cat, Zip and Fatty. The other two are the tuxedo cats, Moo Cat and Feral Tammy.

One of the funny things about feral cats. There’ll be no cats around my campsite. Then I go into my backpack to get out the cat food. And when I turn around, there’ll be four cats st…

Does this Beatles stuff really mean anything significant?

I mean. It certainly worked as catchy pop songs. But so did Englebert Humperdinck and the BeeGees.

“Come together. Right now. Over me.”

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Some Rolling Stones.


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From the Facebook “memory” feature on this day last year. It was my last day living under the awesome skies of the Arizona desert before I hopped on a Greyhound and headed back to the skuzzy skies of the Berkeley street scene.

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