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Random Photos 260

April 21, 2018

Johnny & Sid. 1977.

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Riccardo Brunaccioli to Mabuhay Gardens – The Fab Mab

Johnny & Sid on plane with an unknown little girl flying from London to Bruxelles,November 1977

(Bob Gruen Photo)

Well. I thought the two basic early periods of California punk were both interesting in different ways.

The first period, 1978-1980. Which was mostly artsy college students and bohemian hipsters in their 20s.

And then 1981-1984. When it really hit the high schools. And became a dynamic and dysfunctional youth movement.

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Riccardo Brunaccioli to Mabuhay Gardens – The Fab Mab

“You were one of the first few punk bands in the San Francisco area, or even in California.

There were very few bands that came before us. I’d say Crime and the

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Poor old Moo Cat. She’s been stirring up the shit with the other feral cats again.

So this morning she cautiously approaches my campsite. But when she gets within 20 feet of me she freezes.

Scaredy Cat — the alpha female of the tribe — is lying on top of my chest. And when she sees Moo Cat approaching, she starts making that high-pitched whining sound that cats make that translates into English as: “If you take one step closer to me I will fuck you up, bitch!!”

Then Scaredy Cat makes this slight feint move — like she’s on the verge of chasing after Moo Cat. And Moo Cat turns on her heels and flees down the hill with her tail between her legs.

Scaredy Cat is generally a benevolent ruler. But every now and then she lets Moo Cat know: “That’s it!! I’ve had enough of your shit, girl!!”

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Today’s reading material: Reefer Girls.


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This one friend of mine drives me nuts. He does this to me constantly. I’ll be hanging out somewhere by myself, minding my own business, and he comes up to me with his latest new friend.

“Oh Ace, I want to introduce you to my friend So-and-So! He’s great people! I just know you two guys will really like each other and will really hit it off!!”

I’ve told my friend, oh, at least a DOZEN times: “Listen I’m a very reclusive person. I’m not comfortable around most people. And I DON’T want to meet any new people.”

And I certainly don’t want to meet any of the people he introduces me to. They’re invariably street neer-do-wells. The very people I go out of my way to avoid

“Oh. OK,” he says. “I understand.” Momentary comprehension. That lasts until the next time he sees me.

So I was just hanging out by myself on a bench in People’s Park. And here he comes. With his latest new friend in tow.

“Oh Ace do you know my friend So-and-So? He’s a great guy. And blah blah blah.”

Followed by the usual, awkward, uncomfortable exchange.

Then my friend asks me: “Do you have any cigarettes?”

“No. I quit after Hate Man died.”

“Oh man I gotta get some smokes. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll leave my guitar here with you guys. And you guys can hang here while I go to 7-11.”

So it isn’t bad enough that he’s forced this total stranger on me. Now he’s dumping him on me.

“Uh, no, I gotta get up and catch the second half of the Jazz game,” I lied. I hurriedly gulped down the rest of my beer, put on my shoes and split. And I felt bad. Because I could tell the guy felt rejected. Because I WAS rejecting him. Which is exactly why I’ve told my friend, oh, at least a dozen times NOT to put me in these situations in the first place.

But it’s something I learned about human nature over the years. We never learn. We got these engrained basic characteristics. That make the same mistakes. Over and over. Until we die.

With rare exceptions.

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Ace Backwords updated his status.
You know you need to go on a diet when bending over to tie your shoe-laces starts to become an ordeal.


There are police helicopters hovering over my head. Which is getting to be a familiar sound in Berkeley these days. The report is there’s a “gunman on the loose.” So they’ve “locked down” a several block radius. They think the gunman might be hiding in somebody’s back yard or something.

Hopefully this won’t negatively impact the up-coming Jazz – Clippers game, game 3.

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Some amusement parks like to make their roller coaster rides extra thrilling!

As we head towards the fabled First Hundred Days mark of the Trump Presidency, how would you assess it so far?

a.) Better than you expected
b.) Worse than you expected
c.) Pretty much what you expected

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Ace Backwords updated his cover photo.

On this date last year, Prince made it all the way through.

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Milo wasn’t allowed to speak.

David Horowitz wasn’t allowed to speak

David Irving wasn’t allowed to speak

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Here’s the question

Does Berkeley allow for a diversity of opinions?

Or have we reached the point where the vile low-life violent thugs can suppress any points of view they disagree with?

Or in other words:

How low has the town of Berkeley sunk?

Where mob rule is now the rule.

It would have been even cooler if they scheduled this on May 1rst. May Day!!

That way we could combine both riots!

The university says it has found a safe venue for Ann Coulter to speak.

I’m just some old guy. Age 59.And I’ve experienced so much mind-boggling shit (and you probably have too). But in spite of it all I still get a great kick out of being alive

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Ace Backwords. With classic late-night “uh duh” expression. As he strives — and fails — to grasp some kind of concept of reality. Ha ha.

Ace Backwords's photo.

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Random Photos 259

April 20, 2018
“And what if this entire Universe was just an atom that was a particle of a larger organism???”

I always thought, one of the reasons that Life is so difficult to comprehend is: Life is happening simultaneously at every moment on a zillion different levels.

For example. Right now, verily as I speak. Life is happening on a physical level and a spiritual level and a political level and a sexual level and a psychological level and an animal level and a DNA level and a psychic level and a molecular level and a cosmic level and a Facebook level.

To name but some of the levels we’re all operating on right now

But here’s the rub

Our human minds are like a flashlight. We can only beam in on one thing at a time. We can only really focus on one of the levels at any any given moment.

So it’s really difficult to grasp the Big Picture. To “see the forest for the trees ”

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On this date last year. I had a weird dream.

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Ace Backwords

I had this melancholy dream last night. Me and this old friend of mine, Jaguar, were sitting around talking about the old days. And he said. “25 years ago in 

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Dicks AND hamburgers. All at one outlet??

Sounds like my kinda’ place!!

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My life could have turned out a lot worse. My life is mostly tolerable these days.
But it SURE didn’t turn out like I expected!

Throwback Thursday: A show I put on at the Mabuhay in the summer of 1983.

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Even The Onion is making fun of Berkeley these days.

“The perpetrator remains at large, so it is vital that you stay where you are until the all-clear is given.”

About this article


BERKELEY, CA—Advising students to remain in their dormitories and classrooms until the situation was resolved, the University of California, Berkeley declared a campuswide lockdown Thursday after several loose pages from ‘The Wall Street Journal’ were found on a park bench outside a school building.

Everybody’s a comedian.

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Roger Rubin to SAN FRAN MUSICO

today’s the day
in a major way

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The late great Mabuhay Gardens and On Broadway Theater, right across the street from Carol Doda-land

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As drunk as I am right now. As out of my mind as I am right now ((it’s 12:22 AM for those of you keeping score at home).
I just realized in one of my previous posts I said “than” instead of “then.”

So now I’m trying to correct it

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Since its 4-20 — the unofficial Stoners National Holiday — I thought I’d tell the story of the first time I got really, really stoned on marihauna.

It is was 1973, age 16. Me and Johnny and Brian (high school friends) went to New York City to see a free Carole King concert in Central Park. We’re lazing around on the lawn with a half million other people listening to Carole King bleating out her hits over the tinny loud speakers from a mile away (“Tapestry” was her dull 

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Ace Backwords 1994

April 20, 2018


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Ace Backwords 1991

April 20, 2018



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Random Photos 258

April 19, 2018

So far I’m having a great night.
But the weird thing is. It can change at any moment.

I was at that show. Summer of 1982. I interviewed all the punk kids hanging out at the show (including the bass player from MDC). With my 20 dollar Sony tape recorder. Then I interviewed Lee Ving backstage at the Elite Club. And then printed up the results in my “fanzine” — TWISTED IMAGE #1.

No automatic alt text available.

As a homeless person (so-called) I largely live in what I call “tweener spaces.” These little pockets of space in between where most people live. These little pockets of un-used space that nobody else has a use for. And I’m an expert at spotting these “tweener spaces.’

This spot is a good example. It’s one of my favorite late night hang-out spots. This little patio. It’s on a deserted spot of the Berkeley campus. An odd cul de sac where almost nobody goes. So I have the space all to myself.

It’s ideal. It has tables and chairs. It has an awning to protect me from the rain. It has an electric outlet where I can charge my cell phone. It even has a babbling brook nearby, this stream, this little river, which can be very soothing. It’s a ” scenic” spot.

It’s probably a better late night hang-out spot than a lot of my friends who are renting out apartments have

So don’t feel sorry for me. OK?

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Folks my age or older, maybe Ace can figure into this, but, Bobby Kennedy was a coward for going after Jimmy Hoffa.

Propping himself up (politically), at the same time acting like he (Kennedy) was a “man of the People”???

Jimmy Hoffa… we NEED more folks like him today, obviously.

Bill O’Reilly.

Another one who just went from “the penthouse to the outhouse.”

I always enjoy Crumb’s take on things. He’s like a cartoonist essayist.

No automatic alt text available.

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Random Photo 257

April 18, 2018

Blind Tony has been on the Telegraph Street scene for a couple of decades. We both got glaucoma around the same time in 2009. I went blind in one eye, but the other eye (thankfully) is hanging in there. Tony wasn’t so lucky. He went completely blind. And it happened really quick. Which is how it can go with glaucoma.

When I was first diagnosed with glaucoma, the Eye Doc wanted to impress on me the seriousness of my condition. “If you’re out here homeless and blind you’re going to be in a world of hurt.”

That got my attention.

Tony has not had it easy out here. Believe me. But somehow, he keeps hanging in there.

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People’s Park 48th Anniversary Concert this Sunday.
BE there, or be somewhere else!!

With the proposed plan to demolish the Park and build dorms still on the table, we’re hoping for a big turn-out and strong show of support from all the usual bums and outstanding members of the community.

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OK. For months now I’ve been walking around in these ridiculous shoes with the wings flapping on the sides. God only knows what the subliminal affect has been on just about every person I’ve met during that time period (“Why is that guy walking around with clown shoes on??”).

The time has come to clip my wings.

Image may contain: shoes

The trail on the Berkeley campus heading towards Center & Shattuck.

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On this date last year: Scaredy Cat making herself at home. As usual.

A couple days ago she popped out her second litter of kittens (I haven’t seen them yet but I could tell from her lighter load). Not the best timing, considering its been raining steadily ever since. Can’t help wondering how the kittens are faring.

(And yes, as soon as it stops raining — that’s IF it ever stops raining! — I’ll be contacting FixOurFerals.)

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As a songwriting freak I really enjoy this mind of egghead stuff.

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The Beatles had “big ears” that were open to influences from all sorts of music — and it showed on their very first single. They were the first in Rock n’ Roll

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“Lying in the gutter while looking up at the stars.”

One of the lines I wish I had thought up.

Bif Webster updated his status.

So I see a guy’s post about the girl getting punched by the NEO NAZI at that “free speech” rally the other day, and he and his cohorts are trashing that girl. And sure, she was in the mix, so she has to take what came her way, I get that. But the shit I’m reading from those folks is bothersome.

They never ONCE bring up the fact that the clown who punched her is a fucking NAZI! A self-avowed fucking NAZI!

They ONLY bring her up? The word “bitch” is thrown in there, too? G…

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Gee-ziz. I’m not assuming any of these assholes will fix my life. I’m just hoping to God they don’t fuck up my life.

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The Free Thought ProjectLike Page

Politics is about power, not progress

The Free Thought (y)–oVVG20rJ8ah08QPLlaO2UhbnbGrL3HHiqJWgGxb-oTBQ2hEU6_ZWRfqha14HJ5Tkqq2VIaQ-O3NmF-7R_AXJsgV_yAYNaiAerLfbasneoUwVfVls3OPiY5lIcOFiYQ7b3Xj743KnNzUzgW7v-FYlJXnhrUV0BZbiHHAmaVlTlMwqTM7bbc5C09Mjk3b0u25orzBQ9c8oTbXcESLWj920LD1I1_vZh-KTOsJutn9U3uFamwTFF0doRIF6kABlhRS7qfAdrpnb0-fiHdxN2BIwvNlq1TrAKmK9fZEXaLy20UXGasFJbikqPK7G0VmBuA2Cn51JDjC0WukqDezK1GAYoQ8Q-j0igmeUNsbvtbqV_3W5pj0FiRYYZ2FlgY7QPanl6ansq__9lTHZimUFBPSyEa7tZJClMVE6CejFlKXk7tlYb7dTfvhlyRYeNW_KXCwkqkKgEe_gsNbEdVb5QZN0HcBaazl44xInpP5naND5rQi8f9irbbhPCfAQkKVmxKWfo4imPINr8ED6aBaIIpu_mk84kXgLx2wIIARzI0XbqhnL5Jkn7qQTk0jwSSsrggb6P8uUnCKdSpNC4CST_dCrQztHqRVDpf1W8DemqegIWql1I9mzVbJTvNbsHspfeJCzm-uiZnQOqWC36dThxJBk6MLMmv-u1mY1bfPhYRBRGW9RVjDDXKYVV4Nw0taqL-ESelZ4xsK29dHAVwq_zCFNZWrqmtttmrucGolkNSLCWsMoBh_I75ueFmEQnM9ea763z9FtoMaGr9lRXUqGVaz9z0zy6r4U_wP-RPMZFov5_ezgT9K35woLfs8APT4knLq44blcCSwArx2cNHT44ZJEVNMBnawaGdGS45xoEczlMypRMpBcvAQ8q06FWGqOAS0yhYfkwEQ0R3Lneaqwf5EqxTuHNUZ9l7PSm6UMbsta_nyWntaAbZgNvgGHTdWaPqG32zOZ8V5-tCQFa32Rn8ymQNkhLTJKRpyOBtxS2-2WkwBNi30Q8rzvToXTabvpwpnfTI3m-wWb3Ttz7EJ9q7K7s&isv=1&cts=1524074129&csp

The latest issue of the great MINESHAFT zine came in the mail today.

Image may contain: 8 people, including JR Helton, Pat Moriarity and Aaron Lange, people smiling, indoor
JR Helton is with Everett Rand and 6 others.

With Ev Rand Mary Fleener Bill Crook Pat Moriarity, Val and Aaron Lange, and Gioia Palmieri in Durham, NC after Zine Machine. A fun night with great talented people.

No more goddamn Bushes!! No more goddamn Clintons!!

Is that really too much to ask of this world?

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, indoor
Ole Schell

Just a couple of Iraq war supporters and gay marriage opponents enjoying a hearty guffaw.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, text
Image may contain: 1 person, text
Søren Kjellberg added 2 new photos.

TWO BB AUTOBIO’s OUT THIS FALL: The two ever-lovin’ cousins, Brian Wilson and Mike Love, will each have their own ghosted autobio out this fall. For MIke, it’s 

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Ace/all else , any NY Primary predictions 4 tom’w ?

I always think its sort of miraculous that libraries actually exist. And they’re FREE!!

Image may contain: 1 person, text and closeup
ATTN:Like Page

Spot on.–nxItmGIjVHCX2CZDXc1Y9xctaKq11ukl0a2OozIvJwfxXtdzeH0T-LvAGO6N4qST48HJrTsHndDuVhNo1z_1x4AtAP4lqDI6U8Ng8TtIGt7nGkkK6q1lJh4lBzGcHecGLpVoDydOAlygoTpaY4ZeyQsnD-zLImwKomtV9ov0ChJn48iaRXGmEYeyBOFodc1wwlCMIeD_yo7bZmk3k4W8ohoaLRF4EF8o_Zv2x3ZLRLz96vUFnJ1RlQ30Css-zJPKnuHTUWzaRKjrt6_qB2VQ1n9cuz9ccyXrJYfd26I7W0Ld1_iE2oTxfiFUPq-wvLnSdnYttXTDvrOqdESyq8Cw5fbHtjioFQ2VU-p1IRS_03GJjzqfb1tzTKsz5n1qpE8FsKd2WS7U0Ynd_0N-XfiFz7uaBhPPYoT5iP6ROeVRSLBub5_79z_IyaHupgCXiwzoWA8M04Qc7fVldxwBD6rxTIKNLzxNYsEx2H84M6N0hZIt2Ocs3qViYSujSPXw&isv=1&cts=1524074131&csp

Weird Al, still at it.

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“Weird Al” Yankovic Music Video: FOIL (Parody of “Royals” by Lorde)


Scaredy Cat. Cat lovers can probably relate to this. You see a cat like this. And you pet them. And they just purr and purr. And you get a contact high from their happiness.

Image may contain: cat and outdoor

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Random Photos 255

April 15, 2018

I think one of the things we admire and envy about cats is their ability to make themselves completely comfortable.

Sometimes when I look at a cat’s face. It’s like they’re experiencing bliss.

Image may contain: cat

When I was a young man I used to do odd things. Out of the blue I’d wonder. “Gee, I wonder what Charles Bukowski thought about World War II?”

So I’d ask him.

And he’d tell me.

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Steph is the best player on the best team.

End of discussion.

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people playing sports
Power RankingsLike Page

Houston Rockets players are positive it’s James Harden‘s year. But Russell Westbrook breaking a 55-year-old record is hard to overlook. Who do you give the edge to?

Write in your vote:

This couple sitting across the way from where I’m hanging out have been AVIDLY talking to each other non-stop for two hours. That’s the woman there off in the distance. The guy is hidden behind the pillar.

And you can tell they’re completely fascinated with each other. Just immensely enjoying every word they’re saying to each other. And perfectly in synch — the conversation flowing naturally and effortlessly.

You get the feeling they could talk all night. And that there’s no

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The Trump supporters and the counter-protesters were massing in the middle of the street at Center and Shattuck today, when I happened to pass by around 3PM. The mood seemed fairly light-hearted at that point. One side chanting “AMERICA FIRST!! AMERICA FIRST!!” And the other side shouting taunts like “GRAB TRUMP SUPPORTERS BY THEIR PUSSIES!!”

I’m not sure what, if anything, is accomplished by this stuff. But I guess it gives some people something to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Image may contain: 4 people, crowd and outdoor

I’m at the Berkeley library, about a block away from the big “Trump Rally & Counter-Protest.” I can hear the hellicopters hovering overhead. I was tempted to check it out. But it’s really starting to seem like The Same Old Thing already.

About this article

Right and left-wing protesters clashed on Saturday at a park in downtown Berkeley, California, exchanging blows and throwing bottles and cans as police in riot gear sought to separate the two camps, using explosive devices at one point.

One of the enjoyable things about feeding feral cats. Every night when I show up at my campsite with the catfood, they treat me like the returning conquering hero. Ha ha.

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April 15, 2017 at 1:20pm · 



    I finally managed to dig up some photos of my crazy, half-Injun grandaddy, Clyde “Jim” Gearwar (who I had never seen) from a distant cousin. (Apparently everyone called hi…